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What Is Redox Signaling

Glutathione – the master antioxidant, Mother of all antioxidants!

Glutathione (pronounced "gloota thigh-own") – It is certainly more important molecule needed to maintain optimal health and prevent disease!

Despite the fact that life depends on glutathione, many people have never heard of him! Thirty years ago, few people had heard of antioxidants or knew their role, now everybody does! The same with glutathione, which is only a matter of time before everyone has heard of it and its importance!

What Glutathione is? Glutathione is a very simple molecule that occurs naturally constantly in our body. It is a combination of three simple elements of proteins and amino acids (cysteine, glutamine and glycine). This molecule acts as the role of flying and all the bad things in the body stick against him, including free radicals and toxins as mercury and other heavy metals.

Glutathione has three main functions:

1. Antioxidant 2. Immune stimulant, and 3. Cell Detox (acronym: AID) Why glutathione is so essential?

  • As we age, glutathione levels drop!

  • Glutathione is the most powerful predictor of life expectancy!

  • Glutathione deficiency is always linked to premature aging, age-related diseases and obesity!

  • Without it, cells from oxidation disintegrate without restrictions!

  • People with high levels of glutathione are always energetic and a strong immune system!

  • Low glutathione levels have been associated with neuro-degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

  • Each cell in the body is responsible for its own supply of glutathione and must have the raw materials for their production!

Glutathione is:

  1. The mother of all antioxidants

  2. The master of the immune system

  3. The main detoxifier.

Because today's toxic world, the essential nutrient-depleted foods, and stress, most Americans have low levels of glutathione and so we see many diseases are on the rise! Increasing cellular glutathione can dramatically increase your energy level and slow the aging process and strengthen your immune system! Glutathione is the best kept secret to slow aging, prevent cancer, diseases heart, dementia and many other ailments! Although autism has been associated with glutathione deficiency!

Unfortunately, most physicians in this day and age do not know how to deal with the epidemic deficiency of this molecule is essential to sustain life! The good news is that your body produces its own glutathione. The bad news is that pollution, toxins, poor diet, medications, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation all deplete your glutathione. This leaves most people susceptible to disintegration unrestricted cellular oxidative stress, free radicals, infections and finally, cancer.

glutathione deficiency is found in almost all patients very sick! These include people with Down syndrome chronic fatigue, heart disease, cancer, chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's disease Parkinson's, arthritis, asthma, kidney problems, liver disease and many more! Our ability to produce and maintain a high level of glutathione is essential for recovery of almost all chronic diseases – and to prevent disease and maintain optimal health and athletic performance.

What if there is a product that increases the effectiveness of glutathione as much as five times!

It is a product called ASEA! ASEA uses only elements that are native to the human body and in line with its natural chemical balance. The advantages of using ASEA are numerous: Oxidative stress is low, it increases the efficiency of antioxidants natural about 500%, fixed cellular damage, and more. The production of the body's natural antioxidants, including glutathione, SOD and catalase start to accelerate. In vitro tests were performed in which living cells were exposed to ASEA and bioactivity on the antioxidant activity of glutathione peroxidase and superoxide Superoxide demonstrated the effectiveness of ASEA. Positive reactions were observed, and the elevation of natural antioxidants within cells.


ASEA is NOT a treatment for any disease or health condition. We are simply feeding our bodies Redox signaling molecules with the same perfect balance found in healthy cells. What your body does with them depends on your body! This article not be construed as a substitute for medical advice! Please consult your doctor for medical advice!

About the Author

Peter Radu is very passionate about helping people with ASEA! For Video and Audio Testimonials, please go to ASEA Product Testimonials!

What Is Redox Signaling

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